TRBOnet Plus

TRBOnet Plus is a purely IP-based dispatch application with capabilities far beyond just mere dispatch functions and features. This powerful solution enables a user to fully control and manage all available resources. The Voice dispatch over IP feature is supplemented with text messaging, voice recording, telephone interconnect and many other features for much more efficient communication. Our customers may choose a single server installation or a distributed and redundant system. 

TRBOnet Plus is compatible with any MOTOTRBO system, from a single site repeater to the largest Connect Plus or Capacity Max networks having up to 250 sites. Additionally, it is possible to connect two or more dissimilar MOTOTRBO systems to the same server to create seamless communication between users and dispatchers from different networks. The TRBOnet Plus software is a very flexible and scalable solution that enables your system to grow with your changing requirements.

Designed exclusively for MOTOTRBO digital two-way radio systems, this control room solution supports voice communications and data operations in conventional systems, Connect Plus, Linked Capacity Plus, Capacity Plus and IP Site Connect using a direct wireline interface.


  • Support for all MOTOTRBO systems
  • Modularity and cost-effectiveness
  • Embedded vocoder
  • Scalability
  • Redundancy options
  • Integration with third-party software and hardware

Voice Dispatch

Voice Dispatch allows the dispatcher to place and receive different types of radio calls, such as private (individual), group or emergency calls. The computer-aided dispatch system has an intuitive user interface, enabling the dispatcher to concentrate on tasks that matter.

The TRBOnet Voice Dispatch feature allows users to carry out the following:

  • All types of calls
  • Intercom
  • Cross mute
  • Prerecorded messages

Voice Recording

The TRBOnet Voice Recording is a feature for MOTOTRBO Single Site, IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus and Linked Capacity Plus systems. The software records voice calls and allows the operator to find recordings using advanced filters, play them back or save to a storage device. Voice Recorder is client-server software, which means that the voice recordings can be accessed from anywhere.

Event Logging

The TRBOnet Event Logging feature allows users to monitor and review the following:

  • All system events
  • Advanced filters
  • Notifications
  • Instant playback

Text Messages

The TRBOnet Text Messages feature allows users to send customised messages to groups in many variants such as:

  • Private and group
  • Predefined messages
  • Scheduled messages
  • Text to speech

GPS Tracking

If your MOTOTRBO™ radio is equipped with the GPS module, it can send its location information across the radio network, which allows the dispatcher to see and track the users' location on the map in the TRBOnet Dispatch Console. This feature really boosts productivity and safety as you can have locations on all staff at all times.

Telephone interconnect

Phone Interconnect is a software component available with TRBOnet Enterprise and TRBOnet PLUS. It allows to connect telephones and radios and also has a capability for a dispatcher to make/receive telephone calls through the Dispatcher Console, manage multiple phone lines and organize conferences.

Radio has a capability to initiate a phone call using Text Messages, DTMF and Contact List (for Wireline systems only).

Lone Worker

Implementing Lone Worker technology takes personnel safety to new heights. This feature allows the dispatcher to set a time interval in which the communication with a subscriber is expected. If a lone worker has not called the dispatcher for a pre-set period, an alarm is activated.


TRBOnet PLUS keeps operators in complete control of even the most demanding multi-site systems. Designed with the dispatcher in mind, a wide variety of everyday operations can be automated using defined rules and smart tools such as scheduled text messages, voicemails for offline radios or geofencing. Dispatchers can now monitor the status of users and their location with live updates, while assigning tasks to the most relevant resources, and improving personnel safety with automatic alarms when unplanned events occur.


A key benefit of TRBOnet PLUS is the wireline network interface which establishes a direct link between the control room and the radio system. Connectivity is simplified for a more cost-effective and reliable solution architecture. And dispatchers benefit from an enhanced experience with full transparency, recording of all group and individual calls and more communications security from the radio to the application.


TRBOnet PLUS is modular so you only must buy the features you need. It can be tailored to individual requirements to ensure optimum performance across a range of industries. It is also easily scalable from small to large systems that are ready to grow with your business as it expands.


Developed specifically for MOTOTRBO professional digital two-way radio systems, TRBOnet PLUS has been tested in Motorola’s engineering labs to ensure the highest quality performance and seamless integration into the MOTOTRBO system.

Technical Info and software requirements:

  • Single server and distributed radio systems
  • One or several radio networks connected to a single server
  • IP connection to the radio network
  • Less hardware, less points of failure
  • Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / Server 2008 / Server 2012 / Server 2014 for TRBOnet Server
  • Windows 7 / 8 /10 for TRBOnet Dispatch Console
  • MOTOTRBO Firmware: R01.08.10 or newer

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